Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So sorry..

Is there even a place to start? i was doing so good then i up and dissapeared. Im a horrible person i know. get over it i have.

Anyways, lets see another person at work got fired i got put on overtime and training a new person for 4 weeks. also my IT guys at work have been blocking everything so i cant even get on here on my lunch. Asshole i know. i agree. Anyways so yesterday i was told this new person is learning my job he needs to be "an expert" at it and i quote only funny thing? He isn't learning the old girls job or anyone elses. hmm i feel a push coming so now i am in desperate search of a new job which right now we all know blows.

With no education besides high school and my thorough fuck up in not going before i had a child. i don't regret him i regret not going to school to provide better for him. I am not only trying to find a job but i am also trying to look at what i want to do when i grow up? i keep saying that and people keep laughing but its true. i have not a mother loving clue what i want to do. I'm lost and it sucks. anyways any suggestions would be appreciated not that anyone reads this. but there is your update on that.


Beckstrom7 said...

I read this lol. We could start a house cleaning business. That way neither of us have to really put kids in day care, we both make money, its pretty flexible, and its not to hard.

Amanda said...

I like that idea, i hate cleaning lol! but somehow i feel like it wouldnt be all that bad.

Beckstrom7 said...

My mom says its totally diffrent when you clean other peoples homes and not your own. Its my one thing about doing it though is it true? I really hate cleaning to as you know because you have seen my house lol. Hell I HIRE my mom to clean my house.