Monday, August 10, 2009

One more time...

So there is this women at work, she is addicted to prescription pain medication among other things. They have drug tested her but of course cant do anything because she can explain all her pills away.

Anyways we have had cut backs like everyone else me and this women split another girls job that was let go. First of all this girl had a good amount of time to fuck around after she got done for the day. so needless to say its not a full time job. I do a huge amount of the work plus the rest of my normal job and she does her half of the job all day. she has pawned off her other duties on the rest of her department and we have all made this very blatant to her sup and so has she. Her sup's suggestion? do i need to hire someone for that job? NO make stupid do her job!

We have ALL covered for this moron covered her ass when shit is wrong because she is so strung out she cant concentrate for half a second. she purposely went in and found something i had missed and brought it up to my supervisor. mine... im fucking livid im not covering for her dumb ass anymore. i cant believe people like this.

If i did half of what she did i would have been fired long ago but some how she keeps skating by because she has been long time friends with her supervisor. gr... i hate people.

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