Friday, March 6, 2009

I never wanted to be THAT girl...

I never pictured myself here, where i am at right now. NEVER i never wanted to be her the girl who had a baby with her high school sweet heart her only REAL boyfriend, got married and bought a house. I had goals dreams and ambitions like everyone else but being a responsible person seemed to be what took over. I am proud of myself even if no one else is, I'm proud of the women and mother i am, i was stupid and i continue to make stupid decision buts whats done is done and i cant undo it and i never would. i wish i could have been more for my son i never wanted to be this girl but i am and I'm doing the best with it i know how. i wish i had more in me had taken a different path to him so i could have given him more as a mother. a mothers regret i suppose

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frightfully boring

Yes i posted twice within minutes shut up no one reads you anyways! i have decided i am about the worst writer in the world yet i insist on continuing my futile attempts. big words i know but i like them. anyways i write because my brain will NEVER shut up if don't i get these weird ideas and i write. i write about stupid stuff, and i enjoy it only i tend to get bored about oh 15 pages in and that's where it usually ends. humph... i give up i have nothing of substance to say and i am rambling for the pure joy of seeing my own words typed bah!

Body of lies....

Really is there any truth to anything anyone says? does that make sense? probably not. sometimes i evny those around me until i find out the sad truth that is their lives. that sad truth that they are no more happy then me no more sucessful no more regretful. Envy is a hateful and painful thing. sigh.