Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lazy Mom..

I do believe i'm the laziest mother ever, i always find myself handing my son to my boyfriend thinking god i cant do this looking at the clock going shit i have been home five minutes now what?

I frequently wonder why in the world i'm a mother then i realize that maybe if i had used protection i wouldn't be in this mess....

Dont get me wrong i would not change having my baby for the world but somedays its impossible to function, lets be honest most mom's go threw this at some point after having a baby so i know not to feel bad. Yet i still feel bad when the thought crosses my mind.

I'm probably the dullest person in the world and shouldn't have a blog but if your reading it, its your problem not mine.

until next time.


So pretty much im not that intreasting but i thought id start a blog anyways, maybe its because im full of myself or i just want to read my own thoughts, god knows but im doing it anyways.

I'm not perfect i will never claim to be, i have my faults and they are becoming more aprent since i had my son 5 months ago, you can stay and read and laugh at my stupidity or sit and think oh shit i've done that too or you can move along to another blog whatever the case may be I hope you enjoy my future posts.