Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anyone out there?

I ask but i know the answer, Sometimes the smallest things make us the happiest. Sometimes its a complete stranger and most times that makes it all the more enjoyable. I know im being cryptic but its my blog i can be!

I had a decent week, even is said week is not yet over. I spent more time then usual with my mother Ayden enjoyed it seeing Nana as she requests to be called. She has started doing Eyelash extensions and was teaching me how to do them i am not nearly as good as her but i got 75 dollar lash extensions for free which is always a good time. Its my first time having them so will see how long they last. It is nice to have a mom that will color,cut and go to the beauty supply with you for free. I have been privileged in that respect i have never really had to pay for things like that and my makeup habit takes up resources that i would have to use for those things, i really need a job to continue this habit.

I applied for FASFA (financial aid for schooling) that's not the technical name but you get the picture, i applied for over 30 jobs last week alone i had one call back one interview and about 30 denial letters back. Discouraging to say the least i have applied this week but nearly as much i honestly know i have been double applying to places but what other options do i have? Maybe i can get help and go to school knowing my luck ill either make to much or to little money that's how it goes for me. But if they can help and i can work part time and go to school that would be great.

Anyways im adventure for making home made pizza is finally on im in the finishing stages ill let you know if i totally bombed!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long time no blog.

Sorry i have been MIA, not really i doubt anyone really cares but sometimes i really miss telling everyone my business in a fun and entertaining way ha...

Not much has happened other then the fact that i have a job interview on Monday, not that I'm excited about it because it doesn't pay enough to even cover my daycare so even if i got it i couldn't take it. Also I'm doubting ill get it but i cant be such a downer right? wrong i am one so there!

Anyways Ayden is doing great, sometimes i wonder how he got so damn smart.

Also today i made my first loaf of bread, it sucked lol but it wasn't horrible it was edible just a little squishy in the middle. Today for dinner i will tackle making a pizza so wish me luck again... well maybe not i just realized i forgot the sauce and i don't feel like going to the store i know that is premature since its like one in the morning but i can honestly say ill probably be to lazy later to bother.

Well i hope everyone is doing well hope to update soon. maybe with good paying job news.