Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Jealousy, Is a horrible horrible emotion. One that you always say no I would never be jealous of that. I have to be happy with who I am what I have done etc.

It’s really not true is it? Were jealous by nature that’s what we are. Always wanting what others have. Wishing you had waited a year to buy a house. Point being me. Wishing you had been smarter with you money. Went to school whatever it is you look at a friend a family member and say I want what they have.

Trying to convince yourself that everything you did was right for you isn’t always the easiest thing. Sometimes it hurts more then it helps sometimes you just need to own up to your mistakes. I don’t believe in the everything happens for a reason bull shit. Everything happens because you as a person make a conscious decision or another person makes a decision that affects you.

I’m being a self loathing monster today don’t mine me.

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