Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Ignorance of others.

Now, Let me start by saying i am by no means in fallible i make mistakes quote things wrong say the wrong shit or miss read on occasion.

The people i have run across over the last year and a half from before the new president was elected are i swear a new kind of stupid. I do mean stupid. The saying of a good lot of Democrats is that The republicans pray on the ignorant and uneducated. i have from personal experience witnessed this. I firmly believe it. There is no honest way around it.

Their lack of knowledge and ability to decipher whats real from fake online is SO astounding i want to cry. They would throw this back in my face though tell me I'm the ignorant one or that i think I'm superior? why i don't have a college degree. i just research things i take the time to read both sides before jumping on one or the other I'm willing to stand up and say as Democrats that was a fucked up policy. in the same instance they are not. They will throw God, abortion and any little piddly trivial thing out there. I'm not saying abortion by any means is but right NOW right here in our economy i don't know about you but the last thing on my mind is abortion laws. Fuck have one don't have one i don't care but please someone help us back on track because were on a slippery slop down and i haven't seen a sign of slowing.

Blaming the president for the pasts mistakes doesn't help. Clinton did some shity things. SO did bush i believe bush's out weighted Clinton's but that's my own person trial just like Clinton's out weight Bush senors and so on...

To blame our deficit on Obama is ridiculous are you blind were you in a shelter for the last 8 years? did you honestly think bush did a good job? astoundingly most of these freaks say yes. i just don't understand maybe its because I'm on the other side... maybe you will say I'm ignorant i just don't get it.


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