Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Diary?

Haha just kidding, Anyways i have a short story for you. You may smile you may shake your head or you may say why does this bitch blog?

Probably the latter.

Anyways I'm driving my son to his ever lovely ever perfect babysitters (yes Megan i plugged you feel special?) Back to the story I'm driving down a road that is known to be only 25 that generally doesn't stop people from riding your ass even when your doing 30. I got my first ticket ever on this road. Anyways there is a sad looking women pulled over cop behind her lights flashing and i look over and he is typing on his laptop filling out the ticket and eating a donut. I about died i wanted to point and laugh and decided that was probably not my best plan ever but it was hilarious i don't think i have EVER seen that before as my husband put it. It was Epic. He also reminded me that i should have taken a picture?

I'm driving both hands on the wheel like I'm going to take out my phone and take a picture or even pull over and be like officer can you please smile with that donut for me say cheese!

I also happened to make the comment of when she gets her ticket and its sticky from the donutness what she would do? haha think about it. Its funny now laugh!


Beckstrom7 said...

I dont think I would say perfect lol I would say far from but thank you. I hate that road just to let you know. I had some guy following me so close that had I braked hard he would have been eating my bumper. I did hit my brakes and he backed off but it does bug me.

Amanda said...

I agree, people fallow way to close on that road and when they do there is never a cop around. there eating there donuts else where at that point.