Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Little man.

Don't they say some of the greatest joys in life are the little things? or some shit like that?

Its true, through all the crappy and lame ass statements people make about it the underlying messages are true.

Nothing makes your heart melt quit like your own child, grinning at you like a fool with cheese smashed all over his face eyes wide and telling you a story you half understand with such enthusiasm if you bottled it you could power the world.

Memorizing his little movements the way his eyes get big and when you ask him "really" his eyes get bigger if at all possible and he makes the goofiest face and nodes and says "yes mama reewly" love it. Nothing better in the world.

What did i do before i had him?

If any of you know please tell me because honestly i cant remember!


David said...


Amanda said...

I did you before him? is that what you are imply?