Saturday, August 8, 2009

Im proud?

Im pretty sure those two words have never been said to me. Unless. "I'm proud you created such a cute baby." oh thanks mom. Thanks for telling me how pathetic of a job i do at parenting and telling everyone I'm such a great mom. I feel SO special. Thanks family's for saying congrats I'm so PROUD of you David and Amanda for buying your first house at 21...No that's saved for the other cousins and grand kids in the family that bought houses after us. You know why none of you ever come over? really because we don't want you here because nothing we do is good enough! EVER its NEVER good enough for YOU any of you. So fuck you and fuck me too. I'm done.

Oh by the way father in law that will never read this... i have never heard you say once in the 8 years i have loved and been with you and your family say i love you to your son or im proud. He cant remember you saying either of those things either. sad. Your the reason i tell my SON every day im proud of him for the littlest things and i love you ever chance i get and i will NEVER stop.

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