Saturday, August 29, 2009

Late at night..

Child is asleep, mommy has had a few drinks and her brain is working overtime. Funny how that works you drink to unwind and you end up over thinking and getting emotional about everything.

I'm lame i understand that, I'm part mom part tyrant. I'm watching late night MTV i never watch this station i suppose it says something for my inebriated self.

Anyways i think i have a point my point is that were all fucked up and i would really like to hear from everyone and anyone who feels like not such a great mom talk to me let me know whats going on ill listen!

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Beckstrom7 said...

how about i fucked up by not paying my bills like I should and am now hundreds yes hundreds behind on 50% of my bills. I am not even making it paycheck to paycheck anymore.