Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Smile you only live once

I think at this point my immune system threw up its hands and yelled fuck it and went on vacation. I'm left with its aftermath of a sore throat asthma attacks and chills/fever. That bitch better hurry up and get back before i track her down..

Id ask why me but i have this feeling with her on vacation id start having seizures or tourettes or something equally as fun.

Anyways So i realized last night after Mikala Passed out and ayden was still up and i was giving him a shower and he was being super cute how much i miss it just being us sometimes. Don't get me WRONG i love Mikala and Michael more than anything but its only been two months and we are all still adjusting. Just Ayden can be so cute he was drawing me little hearts and smiley faces and talking to me and making the cutest faces and i cherish those little moments where i didn't before they just happened all the time.

Maybe i need to figure out a time that its just me and him or just me and Michael with him i think he has a hard time with it not being just him anymore fighting for attention. Or maybe that's me projecting my own fear onto him i don't know time will tell i suppose. I just know i LOVE him more than life and i cant imagine a world without him!

On that note have a wonderful day!


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