Friday, August 17, 2012

Sick. Mom. Friday

I don't feel well. Im not trying to be a downer or unhappy because im not i just feel like my lungs are collapsing in on me and i really don't want them too! Its Friday...I have two days of no work a head of me and im sick. Suck! i just wanted to spend it with my family maybe ill be better tonight? Here is to hoping maybe if i think it enough it will come true!

Ayden lost his first tooth yesterday at school he was so cute this morning when he told me to open the door and let him in and showed me his gold dollar coin. I just wanted to hold him and never let go.. im being needy probably because i don't feel good. Poor little boy got my extra love this morning and now that i think about it i hope i don't get him sick. Anyways I really cant believe how big he has gotten and how fast! It makes me want another..someday...soon? I guess will see.

Mikala was sick yesterday and we both stayed home with her only i was the only one who didn't work. Not that i really can from home. I didn't want to leave her yesterday, Just like i never want to leave ayden when he is sick i wanted to hold her and make everything all better i hate that i cant. She didn't want me at first which i can understand im not her mom but then she did and this morning called me mom. It doesn't bug me but i don't want it to cause problems with her mom. I love her and i don't want to make things harder for her.

So... Until next time.


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