Monday, August 13, 2012


I should have blogged when I felt like I needed to most. Now that I didn’t I can’t remember exactly what I wanted to say.

I am tired, frustrated and forever just a bit broken. Not completely like before but just a little bit. My job gave me a written final warning for something beyond stupid the fact that I’ve never been written up anywhere ever..its just frustrating. So I’m on the hunt for a new job and that frightens me we all know how the last adventure of that went. SO I’m playing nice and exactly how they want me to until I can find something new IF I find something new.

On a side note I’ve never felt so loved in my life by anyone and I’ve never loved anyone back so much. I have never felt like I was in anything together that it was both of us rather than just me all the time figuring things out. Sure I was overly obsessive in that I need confirmation all the time that things will be all right and I did get that I just never got the help associated with making it all right and having it work out.

The kids started school today, I am sad I didn’t get to at least take them to their first day but I will be picking them up! Im sad but super excited for them im also a bit worried about ayden and how this all will affect him I hope we don’t have problems like I have had in past daycares kids are mean and horrible little creatures sometimes and ayden doesn’t deserve anymore heart ache. Not that any little kid does I just don’t want him taking crap for his parents choices.

I suppose that is it.


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