Thursday, August 23, 2012


I think everyone in the house has been sick its like a rotating circle of sickness...I'm going to blame new daycare/First year of big kid school. Nothing eventful has really happened we went for a drive up in the mountains to try and get me out of the valley and the smoke. It was everywhere it didn't matter, Successfully got lost and found our way back i think the total trip was somewhere around 6 hours Other than the traffic at the end it was pretty perfect not that either of us felt wonderful.

Driving always has been a way to without actually running. Getting away and coming back its hard to explain its just really nice. Speaking of running as soon as my lungs feel decent or maybe before they do i need to get my fat butt running again i've been really bad.

I'm so done with work without getting myself into trouble by breaking some confidentiality law all i can say is that shit just got really bad here and it has nothing to do with me only ill be picking up the mess and i need out as quickly as possible. A doctor offered to write me a letter of recommendation without me even asking for it i was actually planning on asking and didn't have to that makes me feel a bit more valuable I've been beat down by the whole job hunt the first time around and now this..its just discouraging i know I'm worth more than I'm getting its just proving it to others.

Sorry nothing fun is going on like the explosion of my life and i hope that never happens again so you will have to deal with my boring blog!


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