Saturday, August 4, 2012

Broken Brain

My brain is a slightly..Something.

Anyways I couldn't help but thinking ALL day..How in love i am. I know barf, gag, STFU you stupid in love person! i know believe me i seriously know. BUT!! honestly i didnt know what it meant to be this happy...

That being said. I had a mood swing like a giant im going to rip your face off for looking at me wrong mood swing. Yesterday and i think i scared him. Actually i know i did and i feel like a total ass for it... sometimes i cant control them..they come on and i cant reasonably function and it probably doesn't help that i haven't taken my med's in over a week and i am pmsing. Excuses. Im scared im going to fuck this whole thing up..Its everything ive ever wanted and my crazy might just fuck it up. I will try i really will and do everything in my power not to freak out.. often.. but what if that isnt enough??!! Seriously this might make me crazy...well crazier.

Im super beyond happy and im going to enjoy it and if there is a god ill pray every night that i can keep this forever..It still almost feels like a dream.



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