Monday, July 30, 2012



I am moved! Again. Back to West Jordan and i am not sure if its the city or the house but it feels like home this time. The old house.. the one i walked away from.. that didn't feel like home either not in the last few years it just felt like a place i was living one that i knew i would have to leave. The one in Stansbury felt like.. prison in a sense.

Yesterday would have been completely perfect had i not had to move last night.. i actually wasn't planning on it.. I had been moving for over a week we just had to finish the big stuff.

We took a drive up the canyon yesterday and it was beautiful and peaceful and nothing really had to be said..and i wondered a couple times if this was real? because i don't want it to end. I never ever thought anything like this would happen to me that i could be this happy ever. Its not all going to be perfect nothing is but I'm beyond willing to work on it when its not. I just don't want my heart ripped out again i know i keep saying it i keep saying it because i mean it.

I'm a bit stressed between work and trying to get ayden into a school this daycare shuttles too is going to be a chore and bills and life and..I'm happy.


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