Thursday, July 26, 2012


That is pretty much how i feel add a lot of pain on top of it and that accurately describes me right now.

I pulled weeds on Tuesday it was a utah holiday and i had both kids most of the day once ayden left i just decided to do it.. there were alot of weeds. And i NEVER do things like that so i am either really in love or i was REALLY bored. Will go with the first thing i wasn't bored.

ANYWAYS my point being is that im tired and sore from all of that plus i decided to take the doggy for a run yesterday and he was fantastic as long as there were no people or cars so you can imagine how exactly that went with me running through a residential area. Use your imagination im in no mood to give visuals.

I miss ayden more than anything..Like my heart hurts miss him I want to hug him and hold him and snuggle him and It breaks a little because i know next week ali will miss him but probably more because i have at least had him a few times this week and she wont.. she wont have him but one day a week and it kills me.

I need a nap and now that i have made myself sad and this post makes no sense at all and is all over the place. Which is probably normal im going to try and work now..