Friday, September 7, 2012

Early Bird Gets the Worm

I have nothing eventful going on right now. Thank Sweet baby Jesus for that. Also Knock on wood, i literally just did you are welcome.

I'm fairly certain my crazy pills are making me less crazy and this is win because after months of being on some that worked and then made me want to kill myself to some that half worked if i could remember to take both doses to one that didn't work at all lets just say I'm done playing the which pill works for crazy Amanda game. So this is win win.. or something.

I cant complain i have two beautiful kids i get to wake up with kisses every morning and sing to every night. A boyfriend i cant stand to be away from and less stress then Ive had...ever probably. Ive been so used to seeing the bad its almost impossible to focus on the good but if i don't ill miss it and its the kisses in the morning and the singing at night that make it all worth it.

So happy Friday and keep your fingers crossed i get this job i interviewed for yesterday!


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