Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I suck at life..

Ha Mara i stole that from you. But it's true i do i also blow at blogging because apparently I'm neither interesting of witty enough to accumulate more then five followers. Bah.

So if you lurk and don't fallow i condemn you to hell, not really but ill pretend for the witty part of me sake.

Anyways onto real life... haha *cough* I was supposed to go to the "dunes" this weekend with my mom step dad and step brother at some point a step sister was going to be there to. I feel receiving money from my father is far more important because without said money i wont be able to pay my car payment.. aww to be an unemployed adult forced to take money from your only parent who will give you money. It will also pay for food that is currently in my cupboards that i had to break down and buy. eh.. i don't feel guilty the nonexistence of his presence most of my life makes me have no guilt. I am a sad creature, that being said i do feel bad for making my son miss out on the fun-ness of the dunes. well fun for him anyways i was dreading it and really really didn't want to go. I really dislike the dunes and until my mother met my step dad in all her 40+ years of being in Utah never had gone so i know for a fact she didn't like it either.

Isn't funny how we change for the ones we love? stupid, were all stupid in that respect.

Alright I'm done you can go back to your Internet surfing and shake your head because that's exactly what i just did.

P.S. Just because i dont believe in god dosnt mean i dont celebrate easter since im pretty sure Jesus was a real brown man from the middle east that probably did some really good things or maybe not either way the colors and egg hunting is fun so Happy Easter

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