Monday, March 1, 2010

A Big Theme with me.

Is Ignorance, In daily life i know you run across this. I know this for a fact because Half the Human race Is ignorant to the other Half.

People's Stupidity never fails to amaze me. I do mean NEVER. I have heard this said many times by many people that some people shouldn't reproduce, Breed, Procreate Etc. Its true, And i know what and who i am and people can judge me for a ray of different things. The fact that my house isn't clean every day because some days i just don't feel like cleaning it. Because sometimes i get facts wrong. whatever that's fine but i do pride myself of my knowledge of certain subjects.

But those people who complain about their children being sick for months at a time and doing little about it and then being scared that their child might die...These are people i don't understand. I doubt i ever will. I have seen so many stories about children dieing of cancer things that make you cherish the little things because life is so uncertain and to come across someone so Ignorant makes me want to use my gun rights (thank you republicans for fighting for me to be able to have a semi automatic because i honestly never thought i would have use for one in society until now) and cap a bitch. Ha.

My rant is over, lackluster i know. So until next time i heart you all!

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