Friday, February 15, 2013

Sad face

I’m sad and I can’t pin point a reason why possible hormones, possible tiredness. I am getting married in what 63 days? I have a dress a place food is underway and nothing else I need alterations invitations my centerpieces are figured out just not what exactly im going to put them in table cloths a cake a dress for mikala a suit for ayden and Michael and Damien possibly and im not necessarily stressed it will get done one way or another or not… eh it will.. anyways still sad back to that little tid bit no idea why i was ok last night a little sad that boyfriend got stuck at work late but dinner and the rest of the night was perfect.

Maybe it’s just a bad day? Woke up late had to run out of the house and I changed my schedule so I would have more time with the kids and Michael in the morning.. blah it’s just a blah day.

The picture is because it makes me smile.


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