Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Where do I even begin? The beginning? The end in the middle?

I haven’t really talked about it here at all I don’t believe…

Michael has a son who up until two days ago lived with his mother in Idaho where she took off to after she got pregnant. Sometimes Michael… sometimes I wonder. ;)

Anyways he was able to finally get an address on her a few years ago and went after her for custody hoping that if he went for full custody that they would meet in the middle somewhere so he could have a relationship with his son. She’s not dumb I don’t think but I believe she was taking bad advice from her mother who was telling her that if court proceedings were not in their state that ours couldn’t do anything. Well when you don’t show up to court you default… she defaulted and Michael was awarded Custody of his son on the 13th of this month we talked and talked and went back and forth and even asked the lawyer about possibly letting him stay with his mom but have full custody and use it to our advantage just so we didn’t have to rip him away but we couldn’t it wouldn’t do us any good in the long run and might actually hurt us. So we planned and we drove from Utah to Idaho Friday night and we talked and talked and tried to plan and both felt guilty and then finally we got him and we called the cops and we let them know before and after and we stopped to talk to the cops as she was saying we were kidnapping him we weren’t we had a court order signed.

Her mother called Michael to snap at him and tell him he was going to be arrested because it didn’t matter that we had a Utah order he is an Idaho resident…well she was wrong. And we got home without a problem and now we wait….

We wait for him to have a mini melt down when he realizes that he isn’t going to see his mom for awhile unless she comes down and makes that effort. Wait for her to make a move in court…or not but in 60 days its permanent..

Sometimes I wonder... Life doesn’t seem to give you a break or much down time but where I am at what I am doing I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Ps this was written a couple days ago

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