Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why i have an Ali Not a Daddy

You are five years old you throw temper tantrums that bring the world to a complete halt. When explaining things you love to use the word actually with a cute little accent on it. You are smart and special and so very loved.

When you asked me. No told me it was your fault that you don’t have a daddy that all ali had to do was cut her hair and be your daddy I couldn’t think of anything to do but cry. It’s not your fault it’s never your fault and you just don’t understand that. Ali held you and told you how loved you are and that this our lives none of it is in any way your fault i cried some more.

My choices, My life has brought this upon you. I want nothing more than for you to have a daddy i love you so much id give you the world. But there is nothing wrong with having a mom and an ali. People may not understand it like it or want to be around it but it’s ok. Other people have two daddy's and two mommy's no family is perfect. All i wanted for you my whole life was perfect. That’s all i ever wanted.

I love you sweet boy i love you SO much.


Beckstrom7 said...

Very well said. I think its great he has an Ali. He will adjust it will just take time. Hugs to all of you.

Ali said...

I finally stopped crying about it...