Monday, September 13, 2010


Right I'm a Geek i know! So for those of you that don't know Halo Reach comes out tonight. Yes i will be there. No bells on but i will be there.

I don't play many video games, Not anymore at least mommy hood does that to one. But i do love to play halo. More importantly i like to play halo live and talk shit to random strangers. Funny thing is that most of them add me. Probably because I'm a girl and none of them have been within ten feet of an actual vagina. HA. But its true, i have even gone so far as to tell them I'm five hundred pounds with cankles (I'm far from it even if some days i feel exactly like that) and they still want to be my friend. I am usually drunk or at least buzzed while playing said game which is for even more fun because Amanda's Filter seas-es to exist. Good times. Good Times.

So Anyways now that i have ran 4 miles and i still have Three hours until release i will venture off and cause trouble else where.

This is a point where i will ask you to ask me questions, something you want to know something you don't want to know i don't care but it will help me blog more and keep my mind off my impending doom of having NO job! Love you all.

P.S. I added a little tracker over there ----> that way telling you how many miles i have walked this week or in the last two months motivation is much needed so if you feel like it or don't Send me a message that tells me to get my five hundred pound fat ass up and moving!

Kiss. Kiss.



Beckstrom7 said...

I love reading your blog. You are so upfront and forward on it lol.

Amanda said...

I know im total opposite in real life, quite shy...but now you know whats going on in my head while being those two things! haha...