Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am starting to wonder if i will ever get a job. Its almost been a year and when i tell people this or im in an interview and they hear this they give me that god aweful look. Like today i had a great interview until the very end when she realized how long i have been out of work. My gut tells me that killed it.

I never wanted to be here and i have tried my hardest to get work and decent work at that. maybe ill have to live in a hole or work at mcdonalds for a few months i dont know. Im worth so much more then that and i have alot more experience then that. it be like starting all over like i was fresh out of high school. I have come to far for this. But im tired of the looks and the no call backs. Im tired of the scams out there the temp agencys the hours spent looking for a job.

Im just tired.

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