Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anyone miss me?

The deafening silence answer's for you.

Hello! Hi! how are you!?

I am OK. When you tell people I'm ok, They give you that look you know the one that asks whats really wrong why just ok? At this point i like to walk away because i don't need the question's i am JUST OK! nothing more nothing less.

Random people messaging me on Facebook to ask me questions about my life. People i haven't spoken to in years or ones that i just said in the hall ways of high school. Really people you have NOTHING better to do with your time? Well i do. And yes i just ignored you on facebook go cry and post hate messages about it i thrive on this shit!

Anyways in real news I am STILL unemployed still...sigh at least unemployment extensions came through and i should be paid in the next two days for the last two weeks missed payments. I'm one of the lucky ones people had not received checks in almost two months.

School is at a stalemate they tell me i cant go until spring, i tell them to shove it ill do it my own damn self. Stupid school. If i wanted to be treated like trash i would have registered for the University not the community college.

Also in the last month i have walked my ass off... literally according to a friend well not all the way but its smaller! I'm averaging about 20 miles a week *pause this is where you go umm are you crazy and give me that look* Yes 20 not exaggerating either wish i was my feet Hurt! Its my stress relief and i just wake up cant sleep and get on the treadmill not the best thing to be doing but its better then late night eating. i don't think i have lost weight but then again i haven't weighed.i have lost an inch and a half around my waist wish I'm wondering if its more from my back side but whatever before it was just my calves it was working as long as it keeps going up and hits the belly region soon ill be fine.

So...Its 3:22 in the morning and my son is wide awake and my legs hurt I'm going to finish my last half mile of the morning and try to convince him sleep is not the enemy.

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