Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Angry is not exactly the right word, more like livid. Not directed at just one person but at a whole government.

I'm not sure anymore that going into political science is my best choice... i love it but i don't see being able to change anything. This country has gone to shit, and alot of people blame the current president since the right is telling them to do so. he is not perfect and he has lost his ability to have balls when it comes to just about anything. But i blame the last four presidents the ones who deregulated everything over spent and blamed it on this poor man.

I blame the congressmen and women the senators and just about every other branch of government out there for sitting on there fat money making asses in seats they should have given up 30 years ago in some cases. I want them all to spend a month or two or hell six in my shoes someone from middle to low class because god knows not one of them has been one of us ever. to be elected you have to be rich and once there you get kick backs mad vacations and a nice salary and great benefits. And they don't care about us because like i said they have never been us, they also don't care because we are required to pay their retirement after they have served. I hope their worthless lives are worth it. I wish they were like the rest of us because if i did the shit they did to my fellow Americans i couldn't sleep at night.

Democrats need to grow a pair, and realize the rights agenda campaign is working they are fooling low class into believe their bull shit and the dems think oh well our people are smart enough to realize. Get your ASSES out there and tell them whats going on because most of your voters are NOT smart enough to understand whats going on and are being bombarded by news,emails and miss information from radio hosts. Get them good educations and there wont be this problem...hell get them educations at all...

I'm so done. I'm so frustrated.I have always showed pride for my country i have always loved it. I have never been less in love with anything in my life.

Happy fourth America. Keep turning a blind eye to your neighbors. Eventually something will give... and I'm afraid it will be something worse then what we are dealing with now.

Maybe i should move to china..at least id have a job.

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