Friday, June 25, 2010

I again Apologize

I apologize for being absent. I don't have much to report as i am still unemployed. Congress wont pass a filing deadline on unemployment extensions and i have only used one no where near what others have received but because i lost my job later then others i don't receive the same benefits.

People say they care they don't because they have no idea what its really like. They say we want to live on unemployment we don't! that's the last thing i want! I just want a job where i can support myself and my child i don't think that is to much to ask. When employers are purposely hiring at lower pay rates even though they can pay what the position is worth that should be punishable as well.

I cant make excuses though i have to get back into school this stupid cycle has to stop. I'm not sure what i have done wrong i have worked full time since i was 15 i made a life for myself and house cars and of course debt i worked hard in each job i had advanced and when the time was right took a better paying job. I guess they want me to have to take food stamps and other government assistance in two weeks when my unemployment runs out.

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