Thursday, May 13, 2010

As the end approaches

So tomorrow is my birthday, As it approaches i become more and more ok with the thought i staying in bed all day covers pulled over my head.

Ill only be 24, to me this feels like the end. I will be 24 with an almost 4 year old newly divorced and jobless. This my friends is the end.

I would like to again say I'm sorry for not posting in awhile nothing of great importance has happened. Me and the Ex are getting a long as per usual, fighting for my house a job and life to continue on a daily basis while trying to occupy my time with meaningless things like baking bread and making clam chowder for the first time which by the way was awesome and i ate my weight in it.

Add that to my end list overweight 24 with an almost 4 year old newly divorced and jobless...that seems more accurate. Anyone out there have questions for me?

Also if you can boycott Arizona for anything i suggest doing so, fine find illegals but there policy only enforces racial profiling and just gives a cop the reason to discriminate like they need more reason.

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