Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And The verdict?


So serious i have known for almost a week now i have been doing my happy dance since sorry i couldn't let you all bask in my glorious triumph! Muahaha. Also i had to pass a drug test which is not big deal unless you had been sick previously and had taken NyQuil a few nights before and googled if it would screw up your pee test mere hours before you had to take this test and get conflicting answers. Sigh i should know by today if i don't hear anything im having a giant drink tonight but i told both the nurses that were involved that i had taken it so...fingers crossed nothing screws this up because its an actual decent paying job i took a dollar and a little extra pay cut but its alot less then i thought i would have to take!

Im not sure what else to tell you im sleep deprived and ill update tomorrow just so everyone knows that everything went through ok!


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