Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Health care...

That's right I am going there, Its about time. I guess i usually have an opinion and now is no different.

Bottom line, Everyone that is a tax paying American citizen should have the unbiased right to health care.

That's it end of story. I could tell you how many times i have gone without not only because growing up i had no health insurance due to a single mother that was self employed but i wont. Or the stories about the massive medical bills while having insurance while working for my insurance company but i wont. Because its pointless, because we all have our stories for why or why not.

But until you have been through it until you have had something desperate happen where you didn't need just a bit of medical care or a time when you went without and had to weigh the options of to go or not to go i don't want to hear it. I don't. We have people dieing in our streets people that work, that have worked hard for years upon years that die because they are untreated. things they should never die from. We are not a third world country this shouldn't be happening.

Everywhere else in the world being a doctor is a humanitarian job, only in America could we make a billion dollar business out of helping people who are sick from the insurance companies to the hospitals and doctors. Only us....

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