Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long time....

Well long time no post? Yeah it pretty well figures since I'm a lazy ass. So sorry... actually im not so much sorry.

Anyways Ayden is 9 months working on the 10th month and being the bad mommy i am i feed him regular food because he HATES baby food and i dont blame him. I of course dont give him everything, i know there are somethings you just dont give a baby. I'm not that horrible of a parent.

If i had waited for my doctor to buck up and tell me what to do (which i kind of waited for since im a first time mom and all) My baby would still be having only formula the dumb ass cant even tell me at his last check up when to introduce regular milk and tells me i really should feed him baby food because it has nutrients that our food doesn't have (what the fuck?) your kidding right? Id like to see him try and feed ayden that shit im sure he would give up after the first screaming and smashing around he does in his high chair and oh god the mess... So yes i feed him chicken nuggets with me it actually is helping me out i get a kids meal and share it he dosnt even eat a whole nugget but hey it works.

I find myself coming home wanting to be all domestic but cant quit bring myself to do so, i will however make ayden quick string beans or peas or something, I have get this people! IT ME WERE TALKING ABOUT HERE i Made a full course dinner! aahhhh! gasp not once but 3 times in one week that went unnoticed though which further more has given me no motivation to continue back to mcdonalds we go.....

Oh and my boobs hurt.... no im not pregnant that requires sex which i get non of maybe i have breast cancer haha actually not so funny now that i think about it.... alright ill bore you later with more tales of my hell of a life!

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